“We excited to get to know your story of love and show it through our experience”

Elvira Mk Films founded 2018 by Elvira is a team of wedding videographers based in South Florida, all over USA. We have a team of videographers who also keep our business running. Joined by our mutual passion for travelling. We help our clients turn their love, their lives, and their adventures into timeless visual heirlooms. Our ultimate goal will always be to capture the most beautiful moments through beautiful artistic expression.

I am constantly pursuing to maintain the true feeling and realness of the day in every image. Every client is different and every wedding, no matter how traditional, seems to have its own little quirks. This excites me. We love getting to know our clients personalities and working towards bringing them out in my images. For us, wedding videography means capturing moments that mean something to you.
Weddings are always our favorite: watching someone get nervous and excited at the same time. Feeling the mood change in the room just before the ceremony, feeling the happiness on the dance floor. Watching people respond to speeches. Feeling the weather, sunny and bright or moody and dark. All these little things are perfect in my eyes. It could be said that I love to observe. The way I capture the moments is often intimate, personal and very quiet.
“HI THERE... I am Elvira, wedding videographer based in South Florida & All over USA”
(travel addicted)

It feels like I've always had a camera in my hand. I grew up filming "movies" with my friends on my dad's old camera, documenting trips and holidays.
Fast forward to 2018, and I decided to launch a videography business. Over the next 4 years, the business grew into a full-time job. I had 2 other talented videographers who joined my team in 2020.
So now, here I am - Full time content creator from South Florida. A girl who never intended to be a videographer but couldn't be more thankful for this amazing career and all the amazing places it's taken me so far.

Here's to the journey...and wherever it leads next...

Hello... I am Meru [mer:roó]

wedding photorapher based in
South Florida & All over USA

I believe in kindness over coolness, laughter as therapy, doing whatever it is you do with heart, and taking the time to see the people and the world around you.

As an immigrant from Central Asia, the last 4 years as an immigrant and full time professional photographer have had a lot of ups and downs. I bet your years have too. I believe in celebrating the ups, and learning the story of the downs.
“It’s one thing to make picture of what person looks like, it’s another thing to make a portrait of who they are
Paul Caponigro
Life is always moving, with a lot of changes on the way. As time goes by, our memories slowly fade, and we only remember the highlights of a moment. These memories can be preserved forever, true to your story.
The wonderful feelings, loved ones, and life-changing moments are precious and through the magic of videography, we can hold on to these priceless chapters in our story for generations.
Elvira & Meru
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