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Along sun-kissed shores of Islamorada, FL, Becca and Jake's wedding unfolded in all its glory at The Islander Resort. The beach served as the perfect setting, effortlessly accommodating the enormous crowd of excited friends, family, and guests. The couple's vision of a boho-inspired paradise came to life with white and creamy decor, giving the ceremony an air of softness, purity, and freshness. Exploding bouquets brimming with peeks of sage green added the touch of natural beauty.

of Islamorada, FL,

The Islander Resort.

A Wedding Celebration Filled with Love and Joy in Islamorada

During the ceremony and speeches there were touching mentions of the brides' mother, who was remembered with love and affection. Sentimental reactions rippled through the gathered guests, weaving an emotional tapestry of love and support for Becca and Jake. The open space for cocktail hour was beautifully decorated, featuring champagne and popsicles that created a stunning array of colors. The event continued with lively party moments and culminated in the popular Jewish dance, the hora. The Islander Resort Islamorada provided an idyllic backdrop, enhancing the magic of the moment and making it a truly unforgettable day etched forever in the sands of Islamorada in the Florida Keys.

The Islander Resort Islamorada

Islamorada in the Florida Keys.

A mesmerizing journey in full video

Lindsay Glener
5 reviews
Years before getting engaged I used to watch wedding videos of other people. I couldn`t wait for the day I could have one of my own! Fast forward a few years and that day is today! Elvira delivered me a wedding video that far exceeded any expectatoins. Everything she captured and created was perfect and encompassed everything I felt on that special day. Thank you will never be enough!!
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