Ceremony location – Thesis Hotel Miami
Reception location – Comber Hall, Coral Gables

Olivia and Darren

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Olivia and Darren’s wedding at Thesis Hotel Miami was filled with intimate moments and exquisite details. The day began with the couple sharing heartwarming first looks and preparing for their big moment. The anticipation was palpable as they made their way to Thesis Hotel Coral Gables for the ceremony.

Their wedding at Thesis Hotel was magical. Emotions ran high, especially in the groom, as he watched his beautiful bride walking down the aisle.

Thesis Hotel Miami

Thesis Hotel

Thesis Hotel Coral Gables

A Spectacular Wedding Reception at Comber Hall

After arriving to Comber Hall for the reception, the bustling guests were in the cocktail room captured instant memories with Instax cameras, adding a touch of spontaneity to the event. The air resonated with the melodious tunes of brass music and emotional speeches. The couples session during cocktail hour was a joy for me to shoot and the footage came out perfectly.

Thesis Hotel Coral Gables served as the unbeatable location near Miami in Coral Gables and close proximity to Comber Hall. The perfect blend of luxury and convenience made it a fantastic choice for the couple and their guests. As the night unfolded, the fusion of love left an everlasting impression on everyone's hearts.

Miami in Coral Gables

Comber Hall

A mesmerizing journey in full video

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